Heritage Collection Set 7 x3ml


An elusive gift collection. Heritage Collection Set 3ml Scent each.


Heritage Collection Set 3ml Scent each.

We have upgraded all these to 3ml each

1- Rose Des Reves

Top note- Bulgarian Rose

Middle note- Taifi Rose, Damasks Rose

Base note- Frankincense, Cedar-wood

2- Salim Oud

Top note- supreme Musk

Middle note- Cedarwood

Base- Silk Woody Musk

3- Incense

Top note- Jasmine, Sandalwood

Middle note- Oud Asaam

Base note- Jasmine, Rose

4- Tribute to London

Top note- Vetiver, Saffron

Middle note- Frankincense, Thailand Oud

Base note- Cedar-wood, Tobacco, Patuli

5- King of Arabia

Top note- Amber Oud

Middle note- Musk Fakir, White Ambergris

Base note- Clove, Leather, Thailand Oud

6- Bakhoor 

Top note- Musk, Saffron

Middle note- Frankincense, Sandalwood

Base note- Arabian Wood, Cinnamon

7- Homage 1 

Top note- Rose, Frankinsence

Middle note- Sandalwood

base note- Ambergris, Cinnamon


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