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Ouds and bespoke fragrances at Scent Salim

Ouds and bespoke fragrances at Scent Salim

Ouds and bespoke fragrances at Scent Salim, Imagine over 1,000 scents with inspiration and ingredients taken from traditional Arabian sources and blended in a way that combines East and West.

This is exactly what you have with Scent Salim – a company which draws its customers from around the world.

Fragrances created by Scent Salim are a delight for the olfactory senses. For those familiar with Oud fragrances this is a treasure trove of delights – bringing the best ingredients and superb customer service together. If you are not so familiar this is a chance to purchase a scent you may never have smelled before – or to have your own bespoke fragrance made.

The company, started a decade ago is now a multi-million pound global enterprise.

Ilyas Salim – the man behind Scent Salim – went to his local high school in Yorkshire but it was whilst he was at private school that he became interested in Oud fragrances and built up quite a collection. He has built the business over the past decade and it is one of a very few UK fragrance houses in the UK which sources its raw ingredients directly.

The company, which offers traditional Arabian Oud products with a French twist, now has seven shops, a manufacturing and wholesale side and an online shop selling around the world.

Story of success

“We were one of the pioneers for bringing in these niche products into the Western market,” he said. Ilyas explained that when he started the company there were very few people sourcing their own products and creating and blending their own fragrances here in the UK from these products. 

“We have over 1,000 fragrances,” he explains.

Clients can find these fragrances in a range of options – from spray-on scents to car fresheners, candles and. They have discerning clients and VIPs who travel from London and the south east to Scent Salim’s stunning stores in Manchester and Leeds, or who will fly in from abroad for an appointment to create a specific fragrance.

As well as an online shop and seven stores, he creates, designs and manufactures the products and has a thriving wholesale and distribution side to the business.