The Perfume Mindset

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The Perfume Mindset - Such an informative book, learn about the science of perfume and scent making.

The Perfume Mindset book

What are people saying about the book The perfume mindset by Ilyas Salim

Such an informative book, what a joy to learn about the science of perfume and of perfume making.

 It is a pleasure to commend Ilyas Salim and his products to you.  He was such a blessing to our Department both as a chaplain and as a carrier of heavenly perfume.

 As a personal user of his products, I am aware of the quality and the effect Scent Salim creations have.  Aromatherapy can have such a powerful effect on mental health, looking after our mental health has an immediate effect on our physical and spiritual health.  As Ilyas comments in his book, ‘seeing the difference that scents can make to people’s mental health, well-being, and relationships is certainly one of the most rewarding parts of this work.

Rev’d, Sr. Kathy Green

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to this book, by Ilyas Salim, I have had the privilege of knowing him for several years.

Ilyas took the brave decision many years ago to follow his passion and interest in the world of perfumery and through considerable effort has established a successful brand called Scent Salim.

This book serves as a reflection of his personal journey and acts as excellent source for those seeking to acquire greater knowledge Perfumes and scents.

It is an intriguing account of a field most of us only connect with through use of perfume and oils, with Ilyas eloquently describing the wider benefits and enabling the reader to better understand the intricate mechanisms through which his excellent products arrive on the shelf.

Hanif Malik OBE

“I believe that fragrances are magical bookmarks in our lives because scents have the incredible ability to transport you to different places and times in your memories.”

This was an amazing book by Salim who I met at the Dubai Beauty world middle east.

Mona Kattan



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